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2000 Storm 16 and Under Fastpitch Softball

Montgomery County Youth Sports
Thursday, June 8, 2000; Page M09
June 3-4: U-16 Division

Brooke Hughes (Magruder) had 33 strikeouts and a 1.29 ERA as the Montgomery Village Storm placed third at the Mt. Vernon Classic tournament last weekend in Alexandria, Va.

Kristen Hand (Watkins Mill) hit .611 with four runs and three RBI and Shannon Denham (Magruder) played good defense. Lisa Conner (Magruder) hit .538 with three runs and one RBI and Kendra Bolden (Watkins Mill) hit .412 with two runs and one RBI.

Jessica White (Magruder), Jeannine Panzera (Magruder) and Tori Borowski (Watkins Mill) drove in runs and Laura Hendrickson (Magruder), Deniz Gumustas (Wootten), Shannon Clemmer (Sherwood), Sara Kosak (Magruder), Nikki Fisher (Northwest), and Heather Orem (Magruder) played good defense.

"Every player contributed during this weekend," Montgomery Village Coach Ed Hendrickson said. "Four of our games were one-run games, which makes every hit important. The team did what it took to win."