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A Gathering Fambly Christmas 2002

During this wonderful holiday is important to reflect on all the happy times that we have had in our little fambly. I spent some time digging around in old fambly photo albums and found these "TREASURES" from times gone past and thought it would be wonderful to share them with the entire fambly and say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Love, Janno

Bernie, Feety and John in Yesteryear!

The First Fambly Gathering

Young Teal: "Miss Demure"Teals First Vehicle

Young Gathering Men At PlayYoung Gathering Ladies

John as a small boyJohn caught in his House Coat

Hasc's First PlaneYoung Hasc

Young Feety with FriendsYoung Feety Getting Ready for Company

Young Janno in Better TimesYoung Janno with The Guys

Young Moon: Begins her fambly photographyThe Young "Tatts" Prepare to Perform

And Last but not Least............

Young TMO in UniformDone: Begins his Jokester Career Miss Trixie: Our Guiding Light